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After a long day on the track or exploring b roads, one think will probably be front and centre.


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Brake dust and road grime clinging to your wheels! RIMS SLICK has been formulated for a supreme, streak-free shine to maintain a showroom fresh look in between washes. This spray on solution allows you to spray on and gently buff off to provide over 4 week's protection without removing any existing waxes or sealants. Use it on any finish to keep your car looking its best!


✅ Protects from Brake dust and road grime

✅ Prevents grime from clinging to your wheels

✅ Provides up to 8 week's protection

✅ Leaves an instant gloss and shine to your wheels

✅ Can be used as an interim dressing for your wheels Application Instructions Simply Spray on to a microfiber cloth and apply to your wheels generously, one spoke at a time. Avoid spraying directly onto your wheels unless they have been removed from your car to avoid contaminating brakes.

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