For the ultimate protection and unrivalled gloss

Paint protection film is a robust, transparent plastic layer applied to your vehicle's paint surface.

Our film is precision-cut to match the exact shape of your car. Whether you're a professional detailer or a home enthusiast, you can save thousands by using our custom-cut film for easy application and superior protection!

Paint protection flm should last 8 years whilst keeping your paint looking pristine! What's more, our products are backed by a 8 year warranty against peeling and failure when applied to good condition paint!

Paint protection film is designed to protect your car from:

  • UV
  • Stone / Rock Chips
  • Mild road contact eg cars brushing past in car parks
  • Twigs, bushes, scrub when off road

It even self-heals minor scratches when the heat of the sun warms up the film!

Paint protection film can be removed at any time - the best way is to use steam - or a heat gun or even a hair dryer used with caution. Pull the film at a 90 degree angle as you heat to pull the film.

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